Wella Launches new World Studio in London

Wella launches their new World Studio in London, their state of the art academy is now at No1 The Strand. Wella closed the doors on its former iconic London Studio in Mortimer Street after 25 years. The new facility is closer to Covent Garden with all the boutiques and shops.

Sheila Jackson, Director Education and Events Wella UK & Ireland did the honours cutting the ribbon to a select audience including our very own Kay McIntyre, Wella’s UK Nioxin Ambassador said ‘the new studio is amazing and I’m really excited and looking forward to educating here, although the old studio had so many great memories including Fellowship events and so many seminars and conferences that were special, some of the best educators and hairdressers worldwide have been through the Wella London Academy.

To mark the end of an era, Wella has created a farewell video, and would like everyone to share their memories of its Mortimer Street studio using #MYWELLASTORY.

The new studio is both innovative and represents the future of hairdressing education, to find out more or book any of the Nioxin courses contact kay@mcintyres.co.uk