Which Nioxin System Does Your Hair Need?

Nioxin’s range of products are proven to help those suffering from thinning hair and can help those suffering hair loss due to long Covid type symptoms.

The Nioxin range is divided into 6 systems, each tailored for a hair type and condition, offering scientifically proven benefits stating that their product “delivers thicker, fuller hair with smooth control by removing follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues, while restoring the moisture level and providing color protection.

The Nioxin Systems are divided between ‘normal to thin-looking hair’ and ‘noticeably thinning hair’ demands with each further divided into a System for ‘fine’ or ‘medium to course’ with natural hair or chemically treated hair also targetted.

To make things easier mcIntyres Salons now has a free online consultation tool which will guide you to the Nioxin products for your unique hair type and condition.

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