Rebel Hair - The Next Big Hair Trend For 2023?

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Rebel hair will be the hottest hair trend for spring showing exciting and unconventional hair cuts. Hair trends for 2023 show adventurous styles and you can experiment with dramatic change in length, colour and texture.

I love how imperfect this fringe is , longer in the middle with jagged chunks cut out of it. Even if you keep the rest of your hair fairly neat it still looks really cool! And, although the micro-length fringe is a bit of a commitment, the uneven edges can be chopped straight whenever you fancy.

Layers are a tricky one. Anyone who tried The Rachel in the 90s will know they require some finesse and a very good stylist to get it right. We don’t want our head to look like a mushroom, or a shelf, after all. But careful layers from the crown and down can look ace if done properly! And if you really want to make them shine, add in some messy bends and waves with your straighteners. The finishing touch! 

This layered shape celebrates natural texture in all its glory. We love the different curl patterns, this one texture (wider curls, looser waves, frizzy bits). And the airy, curly fringe finishes at just the right length – brow-skimming rather than eyelash skimming.

Why is it important to know what hair texture we have?

The self education on our own hair texture is crucial so we can learn how to look after it in the most appropriate way. It’s the same as working out what skin type you have.  Think of your hair as an umbrella term like fabric. Within fabric there’s denim, linen, nylon, silk and so on. You’d use different products on each to keep them in good condition, it’s the same with your hair!

If someone’s got thicker, denser curls, they might want to use a product that’s a little bit more creamy or buttery. If someone has finer curls they might want something that’s more liquid or foam based.

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How has the attitude towards curly hair in recent years changed?

I’ve seen lots of women move away from relaxers to their natural texture. Many are not used to looking at their own natural hair that way and it being beautiful to them so they get quite emotional about it. But if you’ve not had the visibility growing up of having people who look like you – with hair like yours – in your mind, you don’t see what you have as beautiful.

One thing that’s a massive trend for 2023 is that clients are starting to put different haircuts together, such as combining the front of one type of haircut, with the back of another (maybe shorter in the front, longer in the back), such as people’s own takes on mullets and wolf cuts.

There is a real trend of mixing and matching. We’ll see a lot of ‘70s and ‘90s styles fused together taking the best of both eras. So you might see the shag or wolf cut turned into the octopus cut, or the mullet and shag turned into something else. The haircuts have evolved, taking the best bits from each cut and making a hybrid version.


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