Kerastase Relaunches Nutritive Range For Dry Hair

Kerastase Nutritive Lotion Thermique Sublimatrice

Kerastase’s Nutritive line was established way back in 1984, quickly becoming an iconic range for Kérastase and a staple for addressing dry hair concerns.

Revamped for 2023, the Nutritive range offers a simpler yet more effective approach with innovative and potent formulas to combat nutrient deficiencies. With a modern and expert touch, the new Nutritive range provides the ultimate nourishing ritual for dry hair, promoting optimal health and vitality.

Kérastase’s Nutritive hair care product range is designed to provide intense nourishment and hydration to dry and damaged hair. The purpose of this product line is to restore the hair’s moisture balance, improve its manageability, and enhance its overall health and appearance.

The Nutritive range typically includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, and various leave-in treatments that target specific hair concerns such as dryness, frizz, and lack of shine. The products are formulated with a combination of active ingredients, including proteins, lipids, and antioxidants, to replenish moisture, repair damaged strands, and protect the hair from external aggressors.

Kérastase Nutritive products are often recommended for individuals with dry or sensitized hair, whether due to natural factors, such as genetics or environmental exposure, or from chemical treatments like coloring or heat styling. These products aim to deeply nourish the hair, leaving it softer, smoother, and more manageable, while also improving its strength and resilience.