Moroccan oil makes Dundee debut at McIntyres

Moroccan Oil is yet another hair wonder product in the vast choice of hairdressing treatments available at McIntyres at both Union Street and Perth Road salons, Dundee, Scotland. Moroccan oil is a versatile product and is absorbed into the hair instantly leaving a natural and silky finish adding brilliant shine without any residue,restoring condition to over processed hair.
Morroccan oil derives from the argan-oil used traditionally by women in Morroco to treat hair and nails, Morrocan oil has created a revolutionary line of styling,finishing and conditioning products that guarantee a result.
McIntyres are renowned for their pioneering approach and their commitment to introducing and providing the vast choice of hairdressing products and systems that provide a wider range of options for all hair types and embraced the hair straightening revolution many years ago with the increasing demand for straight, non-frizzy hair, that hair straightening and innovative hair treatment services have made possible. Hair products like Keratin Commplex, McIntyres ‘Permanent Blow Dry’ – the non chemical hair straightening system or the instant gratification that the GHD phenomenon has brought , reducing hair grooming time and are only some of the wide range of hairdressing products that shows how far the industry has developed increasing hair options bringing a new level of diversity that Mcintyres has managed to bring to the Tayside region of Scotland.
The Science – The Argan tree only grows in the Atlas Mountains of Morroco flourishing in desert like conditions it produces Olive type fruits, inside grows a large nut which is the source of the miraculous Morroccan oil
Morrocan Oil has developed an ultra light weight non greasy formula that seals in shine producing results for all hair types, unsaturated fatty acids work like vitamin E with high anti-oxidants. Morrocan oil naturally renews cell structure, increases hair elasticity restoring shine to dull lifeless hair
Loved by hair professionals and celebrities, Morrocan oil has taken the hair care industry by storm and for the second year running Morrocanoil Treatment has won the Stylists Choice Awards for ‘Favourite Product You Cant Live Without’ and ‘Favourite Prestige Styling Product. Find out what the buzz is all about and try them with McIntyres Salons – Dundee’s Hairdressing innovators and specialists