NIOXIN Ambassador Kay McIntyre discusses hair loss solutions

UK NIOXIN Ambassador Kay McIntyre talks to Salon Business

Over the next three months, Kay McIntyre tells Salon Business about the importance of being the UK NIOXIN Ambassador, what this brings to the sector and her salons. In this first article, she discusses the product ranges and the results she has seen first-hand with her clients.

You’ve stocked NIOXIN for 15 years and the products have evolved considerably over that time. What services and products do you offer now? 

McIntyres salons are a NIOXIN approved company. We pride ourselves on having Kay McIntyre, NIOXIN Ambassador UK, at the helm and as such are the first to promote and use any products within the range.

We offer full solutions through thorough consultations, which can include use of the NIOSCOPE and a dermabrasion treatment. To recommended take home systems to help improve scalp health and hair growth. 

How have the NIOXIN products and services affected your brand? 

NIOXIN is a strong brand for our salon, particularly given Kay’s onsite presence. We see many clients who visit both our salons quite specifically for scalp health advice and product knowledge.

NIOXIN is definitely the backbone to our company ethos and this follows through to the client experience. 

What has the client response been? 

Clients love NIOXIN, it’s the brand they keep coming back for. Partnered with the expertise and service they get in salon, dermabrasion being a favourite, our clients tell us they enjoy using the products and more so, seeing the results. 

Has it enabled you to reach out to new clients? 

NIOXIN has definitely been the springboard for our holistic approach to scalp and hair health. Over the years since we have taken the brand on board and with the addition of Kay’s placement as UK Ambassador, we know that client’s keep coming back because of the level of expertise we consistently offer. 

Has NIOXIN continued to innovate throughout your time with the brand? 

We love to see NIOXIN develop as a brand. In recent years, the launch of Diaboost has been literally life-changing for our clientele. We have seen first hand the improvement to hair integrity for those suffering from thinning hair and hair loss. But, Diaboost is for anyone who wants thick, healthy hair and who doesn’t want that? 

How do you continue to market NIOXIN in the hair thinning market, which is growing increasingly competitive? 

As NIOXIN evolves as a brand, we have grown with it. Now in our 25th year, mcIntyres salons, are proud to have been early adopters of the product range and services. NIOXIN is a go-to product for clients and staff alike and we continue to promote the brand not only through consultation but both on and offline locally and further afield.


NIOXIN Ambassador Kay McIntyre discusses hair loss solutions

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