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NIOXIN hair thickening products at mcIntyres in Dundee

NIOXIN TREATMENTS AT DUNDEE HAIR SALONSKay McIntyres is a leading expert in thinning hair and hair loss, offering life-changing NIOXIN hair solutions for men and women. 

As a respected UK NIOXIN Ambassador, Kay has undergone intensive training to be able to diagnose your hair and scalp concerns. Using a specialised magnifier called a Nioscope, she can assess your needs and recommend the right treatments.

As the owner of McIntyres Salons in Dundee, Kay is in a unique position to understand the daily issues and concerns our customers have with their hair.  She also meets regularly with the Technical Team at Coty and NIOXIN to help with product development and innovation, and passes on her knowledge to the McIntyres team.

We have been selling NIOXIN products for the past 15 years and, as a NIOXIN-approved company, are always the first to sell and use products within the range. 

Clients visit McIntyres Salons again and again to enjoy NIOXIN treatments. You can book in for a hair and scalp consultation by calling your local mcIntyres salon using the links below:


NIOXIN Products at McIntyres Salons, Dundee

As well as offering in-salon NIOXIN treatments for fine hair, thin hair and hair loss, we also sell a comprehensive range of NIOXIN hair growth shampoos, conditioners, treatments and speciality solutions for thinning hair.  Start your path to thicker, fuller hair with a consultation.  We can then recommend the most effective solution for you.  

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Hair Care

Restore moisture to dry scalps, eliminate flaking & promote hair growth

Intensive Treatments

Intensive hair & scalp treatments for thicker, denser hair


Add volume to your hairstyle while maintaining a healthy scalp


The Best Selling NIOXIN Products

Our best-seller is Diaboost which increases hair strand thickness to give you stronger hair and add volume.  Night Density Rescue is an effective leave-in treatment proven to promote hair density by reducing hair fall associated with scalp oxidation.  Instant Fullness is a cleansing spray designed to give you fuller hair ‘on-the-go’.

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UK NIOXIN Ambassador Kay McIntyre demonstrates NIOXIN

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