Reduce Hair Breakage By 99% With NO.Breaker

Sebastian’s latest product, NO.Breaker, is a leave in spray that promises up to 99% less hair breakage. It can even undo severe damage done by hot tools and chemicals.

Just added to the mcIntyres online store, the leave-in bonding spray brings stronger hair with more body and up to 4 weeks of hair smoothness. It does this by penetrating the hair cuticle and creates new bonds within the hair.

Whether your hair is dehydrated, knotty, lacking shine or prone to breakage Sebastian’s NO.Breaker is for you. At home you can use it weekly after shampooing as a treatment. It gives an instant improvement of up to 25% making hair smoother and stronger.

At the salon, enjoy a deep reconstructing treatment using Sebastian’s NO.Breaker for up to 4 weeks of smoother and stronger hair.

Then as if it isn’t appealing already, the ingredients are 87% naturally derived are are totally animal derived free.

mcIntyres Salons Kay McIntyre has been testing Sebastian’s NO.Breaker and said: “I’ve been using it and it makes hair feel amazing. It has malic acid in it. malic acid’s role in the improvement of collagen formation also helps in strengthening hair and its roots. It prevents hair thinning by minimising the damage to hair follicles. As malic acid also promotes new cell generation, it helps to boost hair growth.”

Buy Sebastian NO.Breaker leave-in bonding spray from mcIntyres Salons online store.