How To Get Stronger Hair With shu uemura’s Rice Water Infused ‘izumi tonic’

shu uemura’s latest product brings a unique ingredient to help strengthen and energise hair. Harking back to ancient Japan women used to bathe their hair in rice water. The water left over after cooking rice in, to strengthen their hair achieving floor length locks in some!

shu uemura‘s new ‘izumi tonic‘ is infused with rice water and ceramides and promises 10 times stronger hair. With increased effects after 28 days usage of silky, smooth feeling hair that looks more healthy and shiny.

See the difference. The hair of the right has had shu uemura’s ‘izumi tonic’ used on it.

The product is applied to clean wet hair starting at the roots and moving to to the tips whilst massaging the hair. The product is left in the hair and is then blow dried .

Try shu uemura’s ‘izumi tonic’ product today to strengthen and energise your hair. Available from mcIntyres Salons online store.